Across UK businesses nearly 16 million sick days are taken every year because of issues relating to mental health. We can help you support your team with a range of consultancy services aimed to improve the wellbeing of your staff and help them to support others

We offer a range of workshops that can be delivered as standalone presentations or as part of a wider package of providing training and emotional support. Our experienced counselling team are well versed in dealing with a huge range of client issues and can bring their knowledge to help you educate and support your staff.

Our team is always open to new projects and seeing how we can work with organisations. We work both with private businesses and other organisations like schools and colleges, helping people understand their mental health as well as giving them knowledge to help others around them.

Examples of the workshops we can offer are on stress and anxiety, mindfulness, understanding children’s behaviour and self harm but if you’ve another topic in mind, or are keen to discuss how we can work together please do get in touch.