As well as counselling individuals – both adults and children – some of our counsellors offer relationship therapy working with couples. If your relationship is going through a tricky patch, or there are things that you’d like to raise with your partner but don’t quite know how, then couples counselling can be a way to explore things together.

We asked one of our couples therapists what they would say are the things that people could expect from relationship therapy, here’s what they had to say…

“It’s about helping you gain insight into your relationship, and supporting you to identify and work through your relationship differences. We’ll look at the issues together and discover how and why they have become an issue for each of you. It’s about helping both parties gain insight into what’s really going on and understand the part that they’re each playing. We work to understand why you argue and perhaps why roles in the relationship may have become dysfunctional. There’s also an important element of looking at communication styles – how you both recover from an argument and looking at listening to hear instead of listening to respond.”

If you think that couples counselling could help you to work through your relationship issues then just give us a call. We see clients from our centre in Madeley, Telford and both day and evening appointments are available.