The theme for Mental Health Awareness week this year is body image and we shared a blog post earlier this week. about some of the links between body image and mental health

The Mental Health Foundation have asked for people to share pics of a time that they felt comfortable in their skin under the tag #bebodykind. Here are a few pics from three of the team here at Impact Telford, shared by some of our counsellors and office staff. Sadly only one pic is recent (from last year), one is a decade old and the other a bit further back. This post prompted discussion in our office with sharing of how insecure we can sometimes feel about how we look.

Our Team is made up of real people, we might be counsellors and psychotherapists and well versed in mental health but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have some hang ups about our bodies. But counselling and psychotherapy can help: one thing we are passionate about is giving people an opportunity to explore their emotions and understand how things like body image can impact their mental health. Give us a call if you need to talk.