The Mental Health Foundation have chosen Body Image as the theme for Mental Health Awareness week 2019 and their CEO talks here about why. A recent survey shows that a third of British adults have felt anxious or depressed because of the way that they think or feel about their body.

As counsellors we regularly see clients where their body image plays a part in their mental health issues, one of our therapists says “Body image is often not the immediate issue that the client comes to explore, but many times it will crop up as part of their anxiety or depression. It can be really powerful to tackle the shame and guilt that people feel about how they look and examine their feelings of not being perfect or good enough.”

Stereotypically it is often presumed that it’s only young women that have poor body image, but the survey found that it affects people regardless of age, sex or gender with 20% of those aged 55 or older feeling anxious because of their body image. Our counsellors have worked with children as young as 9 with eating disorders as well as with both children and adults who self harm because of their feelings about how they look.

If you’re affected by any of these issues, or worried about someone else then please get in touch with our Telford office, you don’t have to struggle alone.